Order our butter by the case.

We are grateful for you being here and are proud to offer a delicious product of the highest quality for you and your loved ones.

We will collect all orders throughout the week and fulfill the following week. Order by Mondays at 9:00am to receive your butter that week.

Please select cases of Salted or Unsalted. We cannot offer you mixed cases yet.

Our delivery service is available in Ontario only. See our Delivery Area below and in the Product Page to see when you can expect to receive your order. You will be notified via email a day or 2 before delivery, once your order has been scheduled for delivery (likely on the Tuesday or Wednesday of the delivery week).

  • Single Source

    Our family's herd of Animal Welfare Approved A2/A2 Jerseys provide the only source of dairy for our unique butters.

  • Grassfed, Organic

    We rely on standards and practices we believe are the part of the foundation of a better world, and more delicious dairy.

  • Barrel-Churned to 84% Fat

    A Master Buttermaker skillfully churns our Jerseys' cream in 80+ year old barrels to the indulging 84% fat European style butter.

  • And more.

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